on demand consulting videos

Be one of the first to experience our on-demand video consulting series and get in-the-trenches insight, perspective, and action items to help raise your creative game to it's most courageous level. With over a decade of in the creative trenches, plus a corporate and freelance background in creative direction & branding, SOTCU founder Kaira Akita shares lessons learned as only she can. Think part manager, part head coach, & part cheerleader...but always 100% real. All topics can impact anyone at any level of their creative journey, but are most suited for creatives who have already done some personal development work, have some skin in the game, and are ready to expand their identity & creative impact to the next level. 

Topics In-The-Works Include: 

  • How to Show Up & Go Beyond Authenticity to Explore & Express Your Most Courageous Identity & Work 
  • How to Focus on Your "One Thing" & Still Create Anything You Want Using Scale, Context, & Positioning 
  • How to Create a Personal Ecosystem to Navigate All Your Moving Parts Without Feeling "All Over the Place" 
  • How to Craft High Impact & Low Maintenance  Content, Flow, & Design for Your Digital Ecosystem (aka Your Website) 


live consulting: (UN) THINK TANKS

Our in-person, intimate (un) think tanks give four creatives the opportunity to work one-on-one with founder Kaira Akita in a supportive, eye-opening group format to tackle any creative roadblock that has them stuck on a mental loop. Perfect for the creative who's been overthinking next steps and is ready to get out of their heads and create structure around their identity/ideas/expression so they can have the freedom to create without question. Each half day session is customized to the needs of the group based on their pre-session homework, with each attendee walking away with a creative breakthrough & one big first step checked off their intention list, plus a few surprises from Kaira along the way. Because she loves to be extra. 


private consulting by invite only 

Beyond our on-demand video consulting & in-person (un)think tanks, we also take a limited number projects and serve as Creative Director -- putting the pieces in place to take the project from idea to action. Varies with each client, but can include web design, video & photo campaigns, branding, and more. This is a premium, limited service by invite only. Rates vary.