WHo we are

Founded by actress & creator Kaira Akita, STATE OF THE CREATIVE UNION is a creative consultancy & advocacy group dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and empowering the courageous creative class. We believe when the creative class rises, the world rises with us. And so we take great pride in curating innovative & insightful consulting tools, events, and original content for courageous creatives who dare to take their identity & work to the next level. 


Hey. Can I be honest?


There is so much clutter in the empowerment space and often people who lead in these spaces have mixed agendas or have yet to move through their own work.  They simple are not who they say the are, and I've never wanted to be apart of that. And so I've spent a lot of time behind the scenes getting as clear as I can, pushing through my own identity anxiety & creative crisis about who I am and why I create. For me, empowerment has never been a goal. It's more of a bi-product of my personal journey, my natural essence & God-given gifts, and my desire to live FREE.

And as I have committed to asking myself the tough questions during more than a decade of living a creative life, people I know (and some I don't) tend to follow along looking for answers. And I finally feel called to be of service -- front and center -- sharing as I learn & navigate from level to level. I know this is part of the work I was born to do. After dabbling around here and there for the past couple years, I'm thrilled to finally have a big picture framework where I can be of service to creatives more consistently. Like each of us, STATE OF THE CREATIVE UNION is an evolving force that will grow as I grow. But it's roots will always be firmly planted in being of service to empower the creative class.

Because when the creative class rises, the world rises with us. We were born to live + create in this time. 

So, if you're a fellow creative with some skin in the game and a calling in your heart to impact the world, I hope you find SOTCU to be a sanctuary where you can connect with your most courageous self so you can then, in turn, create your most courageous work. The world is ready for you. It's your time.